Second battery

The technique advances. Also when it comes to your practice car. A lot of peripheral equipment which is nowadays built in cars depends on power supply. A well-functioning battery is therefore essential in order to optimise the charging capacity and the reliability of your power supply.

A battery which can supply a very brief power in a short period of time is required to start a car. The standard battery supplied with a car is therefore equipped with many thin boards with a relatively large surface. As a consequence the electrochemical process can simultaneously take place at many locations and hence generate a higher power.

The power supply of all sorts of peripheral equipment does, however, require a battery which can generate a lower power for a longer period of time. This kind of battery contains fewer boards than a starter battery but the boards are thicker. The name of this type of battery is Absorptive Glass Microfiber (AGM) battery

  • Various types of batteries can be delivered, depending on use and situation
  • The second battery only supplies power to the climate control cabinet and, for example, to also supplied illumination or converter and printers
  • When the engine is switched off, the semi-traction keeps working specifically for the climate control cabinet and the aforementioned peripheral equipment
  • When driving, the starter battery as well as the semi-traction battery are charged by means of the battery separator
  • A long lifespan depends on the extent to which the battery is discharged. 
    Components of the DIMA semi-traction unit

The second battery set consists of:

  • Semi-traction battery 110 AH AGM
  • Engine power supply  25 mm² cable
  • Battery separator  140 Amp
  • Secured on both batteries
  • Fuse-holder  125 Amp
  • Used material depends on power input and situation.
second battery for cooling drawer
evo 4 accu
battery monitor