Converter 12-230 volt

The power converter converts 12 Volt into 230 Volt. For example a continuous power supply of 100 Watt up to a peak of 6000 Watt .
It is a sinus converter (50-60 Hz) of the highest quality. It is more consistent than the 230 Volt of the mains supply. The sinus converter is secured with an under-voltage and over-voltage safety. This is decisive for the lifespan of the connected equipment. This quality is also used in the more expensive yacht construction.

This 230 Volt can be switched via a pre-set relay with earth leakage circuit breaker, integrated in the system to the socket outlets. Here, a laptop, printer and/or label printer can be connected. Also a battery of a mobile scanner can be charged.

The pre-set relay verifies whether 230 Volt is offered externally. Should this be the case, the 230 Volt of the converter is switched off. In case power is not acquired from the socket outlets, the converter will switch off automatically. This takes place by means of an outlet power sleep mode function controlled by a micro-processor.

In case the external 230 Volt is decoupled, the pre-set relay will switch on again and make sure the converter generates 230 Volt.

An earth leakage circuit breaker is used in this switch in order to have the system comply with the lastly applicable safety requirements.

The converter is also available in heavier models. For example for the de-horning bolt, 2000 Watt and, if desired, even heavier.