Car dispensary

Have the dispensary of your practice link up perfectly with your car. DIMA an FAES makes it possible with exceedingly strong, well-organised dressers in which you can now store all necessities. For all types of practice cars. And executed in accordance with your specific wishes. So that you can also work professionally on location. Furthermore, we offers climate control cabinets with the best storing conditions for vulnerable medicines.

The standard measure is a module system. The module system is flexible as a result of which, in case of a change of practice car, the car dispensary can easily be converted. This module system also makes it possible to expand or trade-in your car dispensary.

The car dispensary is a high-quality product and therefore has a very long lifespan – at least ten years. That is why a car dispensary is also very much in demand as an occasion and therefore also has a high trade-in value.

Since C. Car Improvement has taken over the production from DIMA in 2001 and the FAES in 2005 various improvements were implemented, among other things the control engineering of the climate control cabinet in order to reduce the energy demand and to increase the product quality. Exactly because the advance in the technical field does not stagnate.