C. Car Improvement

Functional car improvement for the veterinarian practice

As a veterinarian you need to be a professional. If you work with agricultural animals, horses or poultry you also need to be mobile and therefore flexible. In order to guarantee this mobility you need to be able to rely on an expert and flexible partner. C. Car Improvement is this partner, because we are mainly engaged in the organisation and equipment of veterinary practice cars.  

Just like you have an interest in animals, we have an interest in your work. In order to properly carry out your work, a car dispensary should be your dispensary. Consequently made-to-measure, possibly with all associated accessories. C. Car Improvement therefore offers you a complete range of high-quality products and accessories against a favourable pricing. Moreover, we also offer full-time service. So, also in the evening or on a Saturday. In addition, at C. Car Improvement you will always have just one contact point. That makes things easy and transparent. Because the way you make out a case for the well-being of animals, our profession is the well-being of veterinarians.