Single cooling drawer

  • Similar cooling technique as the DIMA climate control cabinet, FAES cooling device and Coolmatic cool box, hence the quality of the medicines will always be guaranteed
  • The dimensions of the cool drawer are in line with the measures of the car dispensary so that the cool drawer can easily be integrated in the car dispensary.
  • Fixation by fixation frame
  • Easy sliding of the drawer
  • +12 till -2 degrees Celsius
  • White or black front

For optimal function of the cooling drawer we advice:

  • A second battery set and engine power equipment  
  • Condens water reception and drain so that the packaging of the medication stays dry
  • Digital control of the refrigerant compressor and digital settings and display



Cooling drawer with original front

Cooling drawer with front, like the Dima car dispensary

Cooling drawer  in DIMA car dispensary

Manual temperature setting in DIMA car dispensary

Digital thermostat in DIMA car dispensary

Cooling drawer with thermostat in DIMA car dispensary