Accessories cooling drawer coolbox

To be equipped with different accessories: heating, integrated temperature logger, separate printer and wireless thrmostat on the dashboard.

Digital thermostat

Digital thermostat

Digital thermostat

Thermostat integrated in elevated working surface


Condens water drain of cooling drawer

Condensate water is discharged from the cooling drawer. In this way, the drugs remain dry in the cooling drawer.
The drain may be performed in 2 ways: with a tube or ceramic heating.

Mounting  of cool box

This possible through placement on rail length (extendable).
The slides are sliding and restraint systems, for easy loading and unloading of the coolbox even if the coolbox is filled to the brim.
Depending on the available space in your car, you can choose a length or width slide.
The slides will be attached to the bottom of the vehicle, after which the coolbox  is fixed with strong straps .


Fixingset for coolbox


Isolation cover

Insulating cover

Slide rail

rail for coolbox

Rail for Coolbox