FAES Dresser

The front is made of stainless steel and the drawers are made of sustainable aluminium. The panels consist of a sandwich construction of two aluminium panels with in between an insulating material composed of polyurethane and polyester foam. Hence, the FAES Car Dispensary is suitable for the most professional and intensive use.

Design of the FAES Car Dispensary

  • Equipped with one, two, three or five drawers
  • In a standard manner the car dispensary is delivered with a division in one drawer, but each and every drawer can also be executed with a division as desired
  • Bearing strength of 80 kg per piece
  • Drawers with front panels can be removed
  • Each and every drawer division as desired
  • In a standard manner provided with a working surface and integrated handles on the sides
  • New drawer conductors with a safe-tying after the drawer is closed
  • Drawer front panels are strengthened by extra settings in the front. This prevents tearing in case of a heavy load
  • Easier to clean
Faes Auto 5 ingebouwd
Faes Auto 5 ingebouwd
FAES Auto 5
Faes 2 laden*100
Faes Auto 5
FAES Auto5 and FAES Auto2