FAES Car Dispensary

Well-ordered, well-organized. So no more looking, but your tools and medicines almost blindly within reach. So that you can carry out your work swiftly and professionally. 
The FAES Car Dispensary is the first facility to store your materials on the basis of flight case constructions. Contrary to the DIMA car dispensary the FAES Car Dispensary consists of fixed dimensions. Installation in another practice car or expansion is also possible. From a pricing-technical point of view the FAES Car Dispensary is very interesting. 
In 2005 C. Car Improvement took over FAES Car Dispensary. We converted critical comments of the users into practical deeds. Significant improvements were implemented with regard to this car dispensary. In particular the drawer conductors, containers, front side and the power supply, which led to problems in the past, were improved considerably.