A logistically good division makes sure that you never get hold of the wrong item and that you consequently save time. And that you can store more medicines in less space. Permanent boxes, boxes for one-liter bottles, movable boxes, C. Car Improvement offers you various possibilities. Consequently always suitable to adequately store your ampoules, packages, 100-ml bottles and one-liter bottles. When it comes to measures and quality, the division is made on the basis of your wishes.

The fixed division is made-to-measure. It is unbreakable and made of one part. Very suitable for application in the cooled dresser.

plastic bins in dima drawer
aluminium devices
inzetbakjes en flesjes vakverdeling
schotjes in lade
faes lade vakverdeling
Aluminium panel divides drawer into 2 partitions
aluminium bak in dima lade
1 literfles vakverdeling met aluminium schot
2x aluminium schot in dima lade
verlaagd aluminium schot