Rebuilding and building-in - strong with any brand

Not a single company in the Benelux has so much experience in the building-in and rebuilding of car dispensaries. Who opts for quality, also automatically opts for us. The expertise of C. Car Improvement is not limited to FAES and DIMA car dispensaries. You can also call upon us in case of car dispensaries of other brands. As a result of our knowledge and flexibility we are the ideal partner to rebuild or build-in car dispensaries. So that it does not become just a car dispensary, but your car dispensary. Hence, fully in line with your wishes.

Car pharmacy is offered for trade in. This pharmacy gets extended maintenance.

Then the DIMA car pharmacy is built into the other VW Transporter

The occasion DIMA pharmacy, built and checked ready for delivery.

Repair/maintenance of your car dispensary

Enjoying your car dispensary for a longer period of time and thus keeping down the costs. This is accomplished with good and regular maintenance. C. Car Improvement pays a lot of attention to this. Because nobody - not even us - is waiting for unpleasant surprises. As this requires time, irritation and money. As a result of our extensive knowledge we can take care of the maintenance of all brands of car dispensaries. For this purpose, you can also conclude a service agreement with us. 
Our supply of services is not limited to maintenance and repair. We also have everything available in-house to build-in and/or rebuild car dispensaries. The rebuilding moment is very suitable to be combined with service and maintenance of your car dispensary or to implement modifications which again render your car dispensary up-to-date.

FAES car dispensary maintenance
Maintenance of DIMA dresser
Build over DIMA car dispensary