Laptopholder tabletholder

The laptop and tablet are already getting occurred in the mobile practice. They make it possible to look into records on location and on the way and to register treatments, which often is necessary in order to be able to comply requirements for registration. CCI can provide your car with facilities that makes it easier using your laptop and tablet on the go.

Laptop holders in all sorts and measures turn cars into full-fledged work locations. But they also improve the efficiency. And they lead to less mistakes. Because you can immediately store important information.


XtremeFlex Desk laptopholder 

 With the XtremeFlex Desk with two-component arm you bring in a top-class product of the range of laptop holders into your practice car.

  • Perfectly absorbs shocks. As a consequence your hard disk is protected optimally;
  • Made of aluminium, hence light-weight;
  • Adjustable in all heights and directions, so you can always work with it comfortably;
  • Executed with writing plateau and improved attachment for the laptop;
  • Well-fixed to the laptop support and easily provided with power and all required connections via USB;
  • Very easy to assemble and disassemble.

The Xtreme Desk laptop holder has the following options

  • Strengthened base plate;
  • Single-component arm;
  • Three-component arm so that the reach becomes even larger.


Docking station 

The custom-made solution for all your digital information

For the very best solution to easily and accurately store digital information during your work C. Car Improvement recommends a docking station. It is a phenomenon which is in a standard manner also used in case of professional notebooks. With a single click the notebook connects to a port replicator especially developed for that model (or in any case for that specific series). The laptop is well-fixed to the laptop support and directly provided with power and by means of USB with all the required connections. Hence, a faster fixation, you are definitively released from the Velcro on the keyboard. In this case, the laptop plateau is custom-made, depending on the laptop used.

Tabletholder  I Pad holder

  • To be mounted on the bolt of the passenger seat.
  • Strong adjustable rubber neck containing an aluminum rod allowing to adjust them in any  position.
  • Adjustable top plate with rubber feet suitable for devices from 6 to 12 Inch
  • Comes with two additional adjustable stabilizers for extra support if needed