Mobile pressure washer

Aqua2Go Pro  smart pressure cleaner

  • Separated portable multi functional power
  • Works without fixed electricity and fixed water connection
  • With own battery, rechargeable with 220 volts
  • Own 20L water reservoir for 30 minutes continuous use
  • No limited water capacity when using the pump with suction hose
  • Water pressure of 3-10 bars
  • Effective cleaning with 10.000 pulsating vibrations
  • Adjustable spray positions
  • Illumination with 12V and USB charging function
  • Handy storage for the hose and sprayer
  • Draw-bar and wheels for easy moving

Aqua2go PRO comes complete with

  • Aqua2go PRO smart portable washer
  • 6M Water hose
  • Spray nozzle
  • Showerhead
  • Brush long
  • 12 volt cable for connection to car cigarette lighter
  • LED flashlight
  • Length: 34 cm Width: 23 cm Height: 50 cm Weight: 7 kg

This mobile pressure washer stands for 100% mobile cleaning all-in-one! With the built-in battery, that recharges with 12 and 220 volts, there's absolutely no fixed electricity- or water connection needed during operation.

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aqua to go
aqua to go Pro
aqua to go illumination

Nozzle for teeth cleaning

The high-pressure spray can be used with both hot and cold water.
Not only ideal for horses, also for dogs, cattle, stables, boots, etc, just about everything in outdoor practice
The nozzle generates a fine refreshing mist or a perfect wash jet in no time

aqua to go Pro